Tumbler Care


All Empyrean Forest drinkware is created using double-walled, stainless steel tumblers, cups, mugs and bottles (unless otherwise noted in the description). Each one is carefully cleaned and prepped before I hand-paint, glitter, add flowers, images, photographs or apply any other materials necessary to turn a “naked” tumbler into a work of art that you can not only admire but use for many years to come.

Your drinkware is finished with two coats of food-safe epoxy that is Zero VOC (Volatile Organic Content), UV-resistant and heat resistant to 500F (260C), more than twice as hot as boiling water. 

Tumblers, and other epoxy crafts take days to create and cure. During this time, I am doting over them to ensure they are as flawless as humanly possible however, dust (and the occasional stray glitter) has a mind of its own and your fingers may run across a fleck that decided to take up permanent residence within the epoxy. 

Please understand, though I keep the furry residents of the Forest away from my studio, these imperfections can still happen because it was lovingly hand crafted in my home, not a vacuum closed environment.


If your tumbler comes with a slide lid, it is drip resistant not drip proof. Your tumbler can be used for hot or cold liquids and most straws will fit through the opening if you choose to use one, though not necessary.

If you purchased a tumbler with a screw on lid that requires a straw be attached to the underside of the lid, this tumbler is for “flat” cold liquids only. Please do not use for hot or carbonated liquids.

If you purchased a tumbler or bottle with a screw on lid that has a popup lid or does not require a straw be attached to the underside of the lid, you may use this for hot and cold liquids though I’d still be cautious with carbonated drinks.


DO wash your tumbler before first use and always clean and dry any epoxied item with a soft cloth only. Be sure to remove and clean the rubber ring after each use.

DO NOT submerge your tumbler or leave it standing in liquids. 

DO NOT put it in a microwave or oven. 

DO NOT leave it in the sun or your car, especially during warmer months. Even though the epoxy is heat resistant to 500F, exposure to prolonged heat in the sun or a car can compromise the integrity of your finish over time. 

Once your tumbler is in your hands – be sure it stays there. If you drop your tumbler, the epoxy can crack and ruin your tumbler – especially if it is fully glittered. The cost for repairing your tumbler due to negligence can cost as much as replacing it entirely. 

While your tumbler is durable enough to be used daily and carried with you wherever you go, remembering that it is a unique work of art may help you take greater care of it.

Thank you for choosing 

Empyrean Forest Crafting!

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